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Latest Update on April 29, 2024

The expanse of the whole world is infinite. It exists eternally and transcends time.

→The Whole Universe

The animation of the thesis "The Whole Universe is Infinite, Eternal, and Transcends Time.

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In the reality, let's make the whole world much closer to the Eternal Happiness, the ultimate peace. Let's show the earth to the whole world as one of the good example.

Dialogue with the Finite Theory of the Universe, etc (2023.6.27)

New!: Dear Ones Amidst Conflict: Let's Seek Alternatives (2024.4.29)

Toward Peace in Ukraine and Palestine (2023.12.25)

To the People of Israel and Palestine (2023.10.18)

Dialogue with Opinions Against Population Control, etc. (2023.8.14)

 Toward a Sustainable World Population (2023.8.11)

OPEN LETTER: Coexistence of Libertarianism and Everyone's Happiness (2022.9.12)

What is a happy society? What is Eternal Happiness?(2021.1.30)

Two Angels Who Will Save People from Hell: "Basic Income" and "Helicopter Money"(2021.8.15)
What do you say to my plan, "Save All Now and Forever"?(2020.06.03)
My vision for Eternal Happiness as of 2018

novel "Eternal Happiness"

My novel "Eternal happiness" is available now. 

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Happy Society
Today, a child is dying of hunger every 5 seconds.

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Two heads are better than one. So Join me to make the world much closer to the ultimate peace "Eternal Happiness".
I am able to come up with the ideas and opinions such as "Joyous Coexistence" or "Eternal Happiness", etc., as listed below.
Let's think about the peace and realize it together!

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This site is produced for Joyous Coexistence and Eternal Happiness. Contents are essays, short reportages, links and other things ralated to peace. This web site is located in Japan.

Here is About Myself and Peace